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Here Comes the Bribe: A Review


by Mary Dahiem
(Bed and Breakfast Mysteries; 5)
5 out of 5 stars
Read: January 20, 2017
Review: February 27, 2017

The latest guests at Hillside Manor, a popular bed and breakfast inn, are coming to town to visit family. Innkeeper Judith Flynn is shocked to learn that Rodney Schmuck has proof that she is his long-lost mother!

Judith has never even heard of Rodney, let alone given him life. But she’s has a larger problem when one of the guests is found dead in the backyard.

Judith’s second husband, Joe Flynn, her cousin and sleuthing partner, Renie Jones, and her outspoken and opinionated mother, Gertrude Grover, return in this entertaining and humorous mystery. The family must work quickly to solve the murder and the mystery of the long-lost son. Could they lose the beloved manor which has been the Grover home for generations and the site of Judith’s lucrative business?

A visit to Hillside Manor is exactly like returning to see long-lost relatives! This reader is glad to be home again!

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