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The Truth about Whales

The Truth about Whales

From: July, 2011
This book is A MUST READ: Memoirs about Child and Sexual Abuse, Rape, Suicides, Addiction, Obesity, Depression—One Woman’s Story

“After everything we encounter as human beings, after every trial and joy, everything we have chosen this lifetime for — we eventually answer to the human being staring back at us from the mirror. …”

Thus reads a paragraph from the back cover of a memoir, The Truth about Whales by SueAnn Jackson Land. This is one woman’s story, the tale of someone who has suffered at the hands of others including child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, and suicides in three generations of her family. At her own hands, she has experienced addiction, obesity and depression.

This book is strongly recommended for those who have faced some of challenges Land has identified in her heart-wrenching story. These compelling memoirs offer a voice for shared experience, an opportunity to learn from another’s personal journey, and mechanisms for survival and finding hope and peace.

This reviewer believes The Truth About Whales should be required reading for all teenagers in North American classrooms to educate and provide clear messages for young people about these seldom discussed taboo topics. With direct honesty from her personal experiences, observations and feelings, the author paints a portrait of a reality that not even the most talented of horror fiction authors could create. One chapter, “Hell is a Greyhound Bus Station,” describes the author’s descent into the lowest period of her life.

If you, or someone you love, has known child and/or sexual abuse, rape, suicides, addiction, obesity or depression, you must read this book: The Truth about Whales. Land has also published an article, “The End of My Son’s Journey,” appearing in The Globe and Mail; January 30, 2009. The URL is .

In these pages, Land brings her harrowing experiences to life, offering to her reader the gritty reality she knew, her harrowing journey, her struggle with demons, her courage to face her demons, and the hope, peace, and acceptance she needed to survive and to move forward as an adult facing middle age. To those who struggle, SueAnn Jackson Land offers a shining light in an otherwise long, dark tunnel of life’s grimmest realities.

The Truth about Whales currently is out-of-print.

SueAnn Jackson Land is married to my cousin, Christopher Land. Although SueAnn and Chris have been married for several years, only recently (circa 2011) have SueAnn and I connected through our family relationship. She and I have established a close bond that I truly treasure.

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