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Today’s Housekeeping Hint!

Today’s Housekeeping Hint!
by William Land

June 1, 2013

This essay chronicles the events that were the catalyst to “Today’s Housekeeping Hint!”

Do not put a 12″ crystal vase on the hardwood floor behind you when you are dusting the table on which it rests!

Do not bump into the aforementioned vase when you back up from your kneeling position after dusting the aforementioned table. The aforementioned vase will be knocked over and shatter into two pieces. The aforementioned pieces will then break into three pieces when you pick up one of the halves.

The aforementioned shattered glass will leave visible pieces on the aforementioned hardwood floor. After you pick up the aforementioned visible pieces, you will then notice small glass slivers embedded in the aforementioned hardwood floor. You will have to take a damp cloth over the aforementioned hardwood floor to carefully gather the aforementioned small slivers successfully. You will become aware of how the aforementioned hardwood floor needs to be swept, vacuumed, and/or washed (a task for another time). You also realize that you should not walk over the aforementioned hardwood floor in bare feet; this is very wise advice, you don’t actually do this. You are grateful for your socks!

You will realize that you must wrap the aforementioned broken glass from the aforementioned crystal vase in quantities of bubble wrap to prevent injury to you or anyone else by the aforementioned glass when it is discarded.

You will realize this cleanup will take significant time and you will realize that you lost several minutes in the aforementioned dusting. You will realize that you want to share this misfortune with your Facebook community because you want to spare others from a similar fate. Also, you have lost your ambition to continue dusting.

You will realize you must be more careful around the other crystal vase you have on another table. You do not want a repeat of what happened the first (aforementioned) crystal vase!

You will realize that if this was your biggest life challenge, your life is charmed. You will also realize the aforementioned charm has its limitations and your aforementioned challenges are greater than the broken aforementioned crystal vase. In other words, you will “not sweat the small stuff” and you will “find the bless in the mess!” In this case, the aforementioned crystal vase will never have to be cleaned again.

You will also realize that you are fortunate that more costly ornaments of crystal and bone china were not broken.

You resolve to be more careful in future to preserve your aforementioned costly ornaments.

You will have a nice evening anyway!
©2013 William Land

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