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30 Things About Me


In the spirit of introducing myself on this Blog, I am going to post something that I wrote on my Facebook page (July 5, 2014). The statements are current except for #2 – I did have a birthday since I originally wrote this.



1. I am happy to be living in Sudbury – near many of my family and some of my friends.

2. As I get older, I am surprised at how fast time passes. I shall turn 55 years old this year – it does not seem that long ago that I turned 25! On that milestone occasion, my four younger brothers had teased me incessantly about being old!

3. Since I discovered the Nancy Drew mystery stories at age 10, my life has been strongly influenced by these long-loved and well-known children’s books about a girl detective. This series and similar ones had helped me cope during an often difficult childhood; a time in which I was very lonely, introverted and uncertain. As an adult, I remained charmed of these novels from a bygone age, and fascinated by their creation, development, and longevity. My adult life has been positively changed by connecting with other like-minded adults who share this passion of series collecting.

4. One of my pastimes is reading – mysteries mostly, but I will read just about anything except horror, science fiction, and books that are excessively violent. A friend once said, “You have the most eclectic tastes of anyone I know.”

5. I have physical disabilities: cerebral palsy from birth, and Parkinson’s disease from 2011, and a mental disability: dysthymia (chronic depression). I suspect the latter was from childhood, but was not diagnosed until 2003. However, I have learned to cope well with my challenges; medication, a positive attitude, self-care, and a very strong support network of family and friends are among my coping mechanisms. One day I commented to some friends that I was having more a “dis” than “ability” day. One friend replied, “We only see the ability.”

6. My favourite flowers are white roses.

7. I dislike winter! I have to force myself to go outside in winter. Each year, I make a vow in late November (at the first sign of snow) to have a better relationship with winter, but by mid-January, I cannot be positive about this season any longer.

8. My all-time favourite television series is “The Golden Girls” (1985-1992).

9. I am very soft hearted and cry easily. Once, I was watching the repeat of “Dallas” with a friend. The episode was the one in which Bobby had just proposed to Pam and he was killed by her demented sister. I found it so touching and moving every time I watched it even though I knew that Bobby would eventually return to the series!

10. I miss my mom very much (she has been living with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease) for several years. When I visit, although she may not always know who I am, I always know who she is. Even when I do not see her, she is in my thoughts and my heart each day.

11. There is nothing better tasting than chocolate! An inexpensive chocolate like Hershey’s, or a more costly variety like Godiva, can always stimulate my taste buds. Chocolate is Nature’s perfect food!

12. I am sorry for those who were in my life when I was younger to whom I was unkind. I had to grow up, deal with some issues, change my life, and mature in order to become a kinder, more loving person.

13. I enjoy writing the written word, but I am too unfocussed to commit to the time regularly needed to produce worthwhile pieces. I can only write well when the spirit moves me; otherwise, it is too much like a chore.

14. I am grateful to having a computer, an Internet connection and a Facebook account. These are my connections to the outside world when I cannot get about outside very easily or independently.

15. I have had a challenging yet satisfying career as a library technician (1980-2012). Although I was very successful in my work, I would not recommend this profession. The downsizing and/or closures of library services, and the lack of opportunity for advancement make this field very uncertain for some library technicians.

16. Reba McEntire is my favourite entertainer. I have most of her CDs and some of her concerts on VHS (unfortunately, they are not found on DVD). I saw Reba twice in concert in 2013. Both concerts were a complete joy!

17. I wish cancer could be cured. Each person has been touched by this dreadful disease; if not as a person living with cancer, than as someone with a loved one with this illness.

18. I wish I was a better photographer, but I am easily among the worst that has ever held a camera! I am in awe of the talent of people who take amazing pictures.

19. I am very formal in my decorating tastes: traditional style Queen Anne furniture, and classic styles and colours appeal very much to me. However, sometimes something very whimsical will capture my notice and I must have it even though it is not my usual taste!

20. I have four younger brothers who are amazing men. Each one has given so much to me during my lifetime. They always have my back.

21. I have many wonderful friends. Many of them do not live geographically close to me, but they are always present in my memory and heart. When we are in contact by phone, e-mail, or in-person, it is a “red letter day” for me.

22. It is so important to laugh each day! A good dose of humour makes life’s challenges easier to cope. I try to read something funny, watch something funny, or talk with someone who will make me laugh each day. On an exceptional day, I have done all three!

23. My parental grandmother, Mary Jane Burns Land, was one of the strongest and earliest influences in my life. Although she died in 1976, when I was 16, I still think of her frequently. She gave me my appreciation and love of reading and books. She once told me “you can do anything that you want to do.”

24. Sometimes, my pain is greater than my ability to cope with it at that specific time. As such times, it is necessary to pray for healing and strength.

25. I have some of the best cousins anyone could have. A close cousin is like having “a best friend in your family.”

26. I used to like shopping – now I intensely dislike it! Online shopping is the way to go!

27. Rainbows, four leaf clovers, and butterflies make me happy because they are beautiful.

28. One of my favourite books and movies is “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. My mother introduced me to the movie when it aired on television. She told me that she had seen it three times in the theatre and had read the book. Since Mom was not an avid reader, I was sure this story would be exceptional. I was right!

29. I am a huge fan of “The Family” sketches from “The Carol Burnett Show,” featuring Eunice, Ed, and Mama. I always felt so sorry for Eunice in these stories; she always tried to hard to make everything nice, but Mama was so unappreciative and mean, Ed so uninterested and self involved, and Eunice was high strung and self-centered. Of course, everything always fell apart with this dysfunctional family. The acting and writing were pure comic genius.

30. I may not have all I want, but I have all I need. I am truly blessed!


Written: July 2014
Revised: February 2015


  1. We are truly blessed to have you in our family!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Texas Rose! The Land Band is also lucky that you are part of us!


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